Collaborations with Luke Jerram   2011/2012

Luke Jerram is a world renowned artist, sculptor and inventor. In late 2011 Luke conceived and commissioned me to make these pieces. They were then used by Luke as patterns to make moulds, and cast objects made from glass beads and resin.

Luke’s concept here was to  explore new ways to look at and render graphs of  financial indices - The Dow Jones Industrial Average 1980-2012 and the New York Stock Exchange Composite 2004-2012. His chosen materials represent the fragility of the world’s financial systems.  My wood pieces were displayed at Spike Island, Bristol. Luke’s pieces were displayed and offered in limited editions at his exhibition titled ‘Revealing the Invisible’ at the Heller Gallery, New York in June/July 2012.

Some of Luke’s original diagrams

The finished pieces

Luke Jerram’s pieces on show at the Heller Gallery, New York


You can see more of Luke Jerram’s amazing work here

Luke Jerram

Heller Gallery, New York

More here about the Dow Jones and NYSE pieces

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